The Regulation of Cultured Meat in the United States

Cultured meat is destined to impact communities on a global scale. By transitioning from livestock meat production to cell based, it is estimated to drastically decrease the use of energy, land, and water being consumed by livestock production, while also significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are released annually. To bring these products to market, policies and regulations need to be put in place to ensure quality and safety. As of March 2019, the FDA and USDA released a formal agreement of their intent to oversee the production and labeling of cultured meat. This agreement lays out a broad outline and does not create enforceable obligations. This vague framework hardly begins to adequately address the need for clear regulations in order to bring cultured meat to the shelves for US consumers. This paper will propose a more detailed and enforceable framework for the regulation of cultured meat by providing a clear division of authority between the FDA and the USDA.


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