Can-a-pillar : senior project report

A project submitted to the faculty of the California Maritime Academy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

This project’s purpose is to automate the process of beverage reception. This device is essential a cooler on caterpillar treads. The name of this device is called the Can-a-pillar. Using bluetooth and gps technology the Can-a-pillar will find your location and deliver a cold beverage to you wherever you are. The Can-a-pillar uses four driver motors on each drive wheel to move, and an array of sensors to navigate around obstacles. In addition to sensors automatically dodging obstacle, a camera fitting to the front of the cooler will allow the Can-a-pillar to be driven via bluetooth from your phone. In addition to getting to you, the beverages need to be cold. Using thermoelectric peltier coolers, the cans will stay cold the entire time the are within the cooler. The cans will stay around 44 degrees fahrenheit at all times, the perfect serving temperature for beverages. Using an array of columns with a common ramp at the bottom the cans can be efficiently stored, and dispensed inside the cooler. A jack screw acts as the prime mover for the lift that takes the can and dispenses it to the top of the cooler, so there is no need to even open the cooler to get a beverage. The following report will explain the specifics of each part of this project, and how various technologies come together to create this work of art.