Student Research

User-Centered design for Library Mobile Websites

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to understand the concepts of user-centric design of mobile websites and to discover the design's effectiveness with students accessing the Cal Poly Pomona University Library website across a variety of mobile devices and tablets. Whether students were searching the University Library's databases, trying to find a study room, or determining if a particular book was available, it was not known if these tasks were being performed in a manner that met the needs of the students via their handheld devices. This study was designed to collect feedback from students to determine if particular services could be performed in an efficient and timely manner with various handheld devices. Design: The study was with performed with three main objectives: 1. A literature review and preliminary survey of the types of handheld devices used by students, as well as an assessment of the type and frequency of tasks performed on the University Library website. 2. An evaluation matrix was developed, which ranked the services most used by students, based on the results of the survey 3. Live tests were performed with usability testers involving a variety of tasks library websites, and feedback was collected through their out loud responses. Findings: Students responded with insight into the needs and effectiveness of an array of services commonly found on different library websites. The study provided evidence to support further development in designing library websites tailored to satisfy the needs of its users.


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