Material and Time Within and Around The Body

This paper is an attempt to explain the conceptual underpinnings of my work while simultaneously serving as a work within itself. It seems only appropriate to have a paper as malleable in meaning as my work intends to be, otherwise the idea of fluid meaning is muted by my desire to sound certain, educated, and acceptable. My work functions as a manifestation of bodies encountering the world. Photographs, installations, and video examine the malleability of material and time within and around the body. Concrete and abstract forms overlap and boundaries between outside and in, whole and part, are blurred formally and conceptually. In The Death of The Author, Roland Barthes writes, "...text is a tissue of citations, resulting from the thousand sources of culture." In my work, material is a tissue of contexts, resulting from the thousand sources of time. Drawing from systems used by bodies to sense their surroundings, the works favor instability of meaning. By transitioning between physical and abstract forms of ignorance, insight, hubris, and curiosity, the work is active and participatory, much like the body ascertaining and transforming the empirical world physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This back-and-forth dialectic examines the source of identity and power using material, body, and mind.