Working above and beyond: A late career continuation program for female, long-term Executive Assistants

Abstract WORKING ABOVE AND BEYOND: A LATE CAREER CONTINUATION PROGRAM FOR FEMALE, LONG-TERM EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS By Wendi Tetsuko Meckler Master of Science in Counseling, Career Counseling In today's cost-cutting, technology-driven economy, late career Executive Assistants face challenges and issues in their career development process as more companies decrease the number of support worker roles. These issues can include: low self-knowledge, neglecting to prioritize their own future as a priority, high occupational stress, and not enough alternative planning for their own futures. As a result, these late career Executive Assistants with no college degree could suffer from financial insecurity, crises of identity and job loss; this can be especially dire to a population without a plan or identified supports as they approach traditional retirement age. This proposed career continuation workshop series is aimed at identifying and meeting the specific needs of late career Executive Assistants with selected, targeted career interventions, such as increasing self-knowledge, understanding work transitions, and preretirement planning. Theoretical perspectives are outlined within this project, in addition to support materials necessary to prepare and implement this workshop series.