Graduate project

The visual approach : a method which facilitates transfer of learning from in-the-classroom to in-the-car

Driver and traffic safety education literature is abundant in some areas and lacking in other aspects of the subject field. Most of the material is prepared for student use with very little for teacher use. The writer found this especially true when he began working in this subject field almost ten years ago with students who were deaf. As one can readily see, the main problem in working the deaf students would be communication in the car. Since the deaf pupil substitutes his eyes for ears as receptors for all communication, the deaf pupil cannot carry on conversation and drive at the same time. This meant that the in- the- car aspect of driver education must be taught in the classroom in such a manner that when the student moved to the car, he would be able to concentrate his vision on driving with very little interruption for communications. After a review of existing literature and materials, the writer found that he had to devise his own materials and methods of presentation. An added problem in teaching deaf students is the limited language abilities of many, so it was decided to keep the presentations as visual as possible and the language involvement to a minimum.