Student perceptions of co-teaching

Co-teaching is a method of service delivery in which a special education teacher and general education teacher share the responsibilities of planning, teaching, and special education service delivery in the general education classroom. Schools in California and across the nation are working to develop models of co-teaching that are student centered and seamless in their planning and implementation. This study sought to determine if students preferred to receive instruction in a co-taught classroom and in what ways they felt most supported. The survey data indicated that students in grades seven and eight at a charter school in San Diego overwhelmingly preferred the co-taught classroom over a traditional classroom and that they felt supported by the model. The research indicates that schools should continue to use coteaching models to provide special education services in the least restrictive environment. More research is needed to determine more precisely how teachers can best support all students. Another area for further study is examining how teacher relationships are viewed by students and if challenges faced by co-teachers affect the students in their classrooms. KEYWORDS: co-teaching, inclusion, instructional strategies, small group instruction, special education