Masters Thesis

Environmental justice and social work education: exploring social work programs

This study describes and explores efforts to incorporate environmental justice in MSW programs across the nation. The study began with an initial internet search examining the number of MSW programs across the nation that appear to be incorporating environmental justice into their curriculum and followed up with in-depth interviews with prominent MSW instructors who are guiding the field related to environmental justice. The findings indicate that only 31.6% of the MSW programs surveyed showed evidence of environmental justice, which left 68.4% of the sample of MSW programs that do not show “any” evidence of environmental justice content on their webpages. Approximately 35% of the 60 programs appear to show evidence of environmental justice content on their website. provide invaluable information and admirable content on environmental social work. The participant interviews revealed that with guidance, the educators helped students achieve an ecologically conscious mindset through relevance, connection and insightful consideration.