Quantitative analysis of social worker perceptions about employee safety in the child welfare environment

This exploratory study helps highlight the trend of violence directed towards Children's Social Workers (CSW). This research also aims to tie previous research conducted about the safety concerns of social workers in various fields; such as mental health, to the perceptions of CSWs. Harris and Reynolds (2003), note that the aggressive behaviors clients have constitute an additional source of stress for the workers and negatively influences them on different levels, ranging from burnout and stress disorders to personal and property damage. When looking at the types of dangers present in the social work field, it becomes imperative to give social workers an active role in determining security procedures that will help them with safety concerns at their given agencies. This research focuses on CSWs perceptions about safety at Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), located in the Lancaster office. CSWs at DCFS, located in the Lancaster office, are questioned about their feelings and perceptions regarding safety and security during field visits and within their given agency via a voluntary, anonymous twenty-two Likert Scale questionnaire.