A proposal for a Curriculum for Genre Based instruction aimed to facilitate the development of narrative writing skills

The purpose of this paper is to propose a curriculum for teachers to utilize in the classroom structured on genre based instruction in order to elicit successful narrative writing tasks from students. After concluding research and through the use of surveys and interviews on students enrolled in the Intensive English Program at CSUN, the collected data concluded that students' perceptions in producing a narrative text is not an easy task. This paper focuses disproves the previously held beliefs that argumentative writing is more of a difficult task than its narrative counterpart. IEP students struggle with writing narrative tasks efficiently, therefore, GBI should be implemented in the curriculum. In an 8 week class, there is a syllabus outlining the weekly tasks using lexical bundles in regards to locative prepositions, time adverbials, and place adverbials. Through the series of rhetorical moves, the course will provide a sufficient guideline for the instruction of narrative texts. This paper expands into unmarked territory in the sense that it places narrative writing as subsequently dependent on lexical chunks as a primary focus toward constructing an exemplary narrative writing text.