Optimizing swine Ovugel (triptorelin) ovulation synchronization with supplemental isotonic sodium chloride solution

Insemination must occur near ovulation, however in swine there is no practical way to determine when ovulation occurs. It is common practice to artificially inseminate (AI) each sow repeatedly over the course of an estrus period in an attempt to maintain fertility numbers. OvuGel® (JBS United, Sheridan, IN) is a product (intravaginal administered GnRH agonist triptorelin) that has been shown to synchronize ovulation in sows, allowing for a single fixed-time insemination to be used. Despite the promising results from initial studies using OvuGel, triptorelin uptake rates may be affected by a number of factors. Combining Ovugel with isotonic sodium chloride has the potential to increase uptake and the effectiveness of the compound. Identifying the optimal quantity of sodium chloride to maximize triptorelin uptake, increasing ovulation precision and maximizing farrowing rates all would provide a significant economic benefit to the swine industry.