PURPOSE Above and beyond any philosophical reasons for working in batik, my primary purpose for employing this method is that I enjoy the process. Because batik uses techniques which involve the use of negative space, it makes me approach the world around me in a different way than I normally would. Anything that forces me to visualize in an unusual manner is valuable for me. I am working on a visual level. I am not aiming towards an intellectual reaction; I want a person to respond as one would to nature. I want my pieces to be a resting place, a place for personal renewal. During my masters program I dealt with different patterns and colors that would merge into a Gestalt unit. I specifically chose to produce patterns and color combinations which are not ordinarily considered compatible. I tried to make them come together into a complete piece. RESPONSES FROM THE VIEWER I want the viewer to respond on a sensory level, that is to say, in a sensitive, aesthetic, emotional and pleasurable way. I want my pieces to be a new visual experience for the viewer and something which he cannot easily categorize. I want him to bring his point of view to the work, to find his own interpretation. Hopefully, he is looking at a new view of pattern making - a new reality. So he has to confront it and decide whether he likes it or not. (See more in text.)