Field dependence/independence and the process of block play in four-year-olds

This study explored the relationship of field-dependence and independence to the block play process in four year-old boys and girls. Field-dependence/independence was evaluated through the Preschool Embedded Figures Test. The Bender Gestalt was used as a check for any perceptual difficulties. Block design development was assessed through semi-structured individual block building, using wooden unit blocks. A positive correlational relationship (P<.OS) was found to exist with females who tended also to be more field-independent than mates at this same age level. Positive results were also found for females' ages and block building skills and females' ages and field-independence/ dependence. The history of field-dependence/independence is discussed, as is block play. The discussion section includes some possible explanations of what may have accounted for the research results. Educational implications are also included.