Graduate project

An experimental design for prediction of success in given areas of endeavors as measured by the motivation for securing the five basic needs of the structured person as compared on the electroencephalograph

RECOGNITION OF A PROBLEM. The individual enters the world nude, not only of body, but nude in the way of life that will have to be learned to fit the culture into which he has been thrust. His success and endeavors in life are inherent, to some degree, from the capabilities received from his parents. The individual can be well equipped or ill fitted for the battles that lie ahead.This does not mean that the cosmetic efforts of environment, for example, of nutrition or climate, do not have great psychological significance. On the contrary, the somatic as well as the psychological influences of the environment is constantly operating on the whole child.He is fortunate if he has been endowed with the normal physical and mental qualities that will enable him to cope with life as a normal individual. This individual enters the world, and from that moment until death there is conflict with the environment.