Bringing Book Clubs into the 21st Century Classroom: A Resource Guide for Teachers

Whatever grade we may teach, students come to the classroom with varying background knowledge on different topics, literacy skill development, and overall interest in reading. In most of my experiences, students are often given very little time in the classroom to construct their own interpretation of a text based on personal experiences and cultural background. Additionally, students are usually grouped by reading levels, assigned a book to read, and given vocabulary and comprehension tests that have a predetermined interpretation. As a result, classroom reading becomes a different type of reading than how we read outside of school. The purpose of this project was to create a resource guide that teachers at my school site, grade 3-6, can use to implement book clubs in their classrooms that reflect 21st century learning. The resource guide includes live video links, ready to use resources, photos of student samples, and a sample book club unit with my current 4th graders. Using an adaptable book club framework where student choice is valued, reading in the classroom has the potential to mirror reading in the real world and foster a positive attitude toward reading.