Parental Involvement and Common Core Mathematics

As California transitions to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), parents need to know what the CCSSM entail and how they can support their child’s success under the new standards. Parents, especially those of underperforming populations, have lower rates of involvement in middle school mathematics than in any other class before high school. This project addressed these issues by creating an informational booklet for parents that introduces them to the CCSSM and provides them with strategies to increase their involvement and support, especially in middle school mathematics. Research on parental involvement and best practices in mathematics education provided guidelines for creating the booklet. Feedback from administrators, teachers, and parents was used to revise the booklet. In addition to a brief introduction to the CCSSM content standards, the booklet included a description of the Standards for Mathematical Practice, a summary of the research supporting parental involvement, an overview of the mathematics content being covered in middle school with strategies and resources parents could use to support their children, a description of research-based best practices for fomenting mathematical development, and a worksheet to help parents create an involvement action plan. The booklet has the potential to connect parents and schools, and engage students in learning by helping families bring mathematics practice into the real world. Keywords: Common Core, involvement, mathematics, middle school, parent