Masters Thesis

Application of PDCA to identify causes and improve container leaks in a semiconductor industry

In today’s fiercely competitive society, the most valuable way of securing a competitive advantage and improving organizational performance is through quality improvement. XYZ is an organization which provides chemicals used to create nextgeneration chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries. This study used a mixedmethods explanatory, sequential design, in combination with quality tools, to identify and comprehend the reasons for XYZ’s poor leak test on stainless steel containers used to transport chemicals. Approximately 50% of Company XYZ’s stainless steel containers for chemical storage passed the leak test when a pass rate of 90% or higher is desired, creating practical problems for the company and its customers. This study aimed to explore and comprehend the reasons for the poor leak test results with the application of Deming’s Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA) cycle. The use of quality tools and statistical analyses indicate that marrying lids and bases of containers increases leak test pass rates.