Masters Thesis

An internship program for California State University Bakersfield students , in partnership with the County of Kern

This program proposal aims to shed light on the importance of internships and the impact they can have for both universities and partnering business. Currently, the County of Kern and California State University Bakersfield lack a well-structured and designed Internship Program. This limits the overall effectiveness of both of each agency. Using work-based or program based learning can be used as a successful strategy to bridge theoretical knowledge and practice, this enhances a graduate’s employability. Using previous research, a well designed internship can give students the skill sets that employers are looking for, critical thinking, problem identification, creative problem solving, effective communications skills and persistence. Internships offer employers a risk free method to evaluate possible future employees, while at the same time universities have the opportunity to use internship programs as a way of recruitment for new students. This paper covers targeting the population that is needed to implement the Internship Program, prospective students that will benefit from completing an internship program and facility that must support the program and its mission. The design of the Kern County Internship Program will be broken down into six modules, partnering departments, recruitment, interview process, curriculum design, placement and monitoring. Each module plays an equally imperative role in designing and well-structured and design of the Internship Program. The Kern County Internship Program also consist of an administrative plan, this will cover the staffing and evaluation plan of the program. It is recommended that the County of Kern and California State University Bakersfield implement this program proposal to ensure that students and citizens of Kern County are receiving a well-rounded education and are employable at the time of graduation. As the program continues to grow it is recommended that the amount staff that is needed to operate the program continued to be evaluated. By adding more staff to the program it will continue to be sustainable, and the over-all quality of the program will remain in tact.

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