Translating and Transporting Social Emotional Development from the United States to Korea: What would this look like on YouTube?

The rapid economic growth in Korea (Lee, Ahn, Yoo, & Kim, 2014) has prompt successful academic achievements for young children. The push for early academics seemingly has led to counter-force to emphasis children's social-emotional development in Korea (OECD, 2016). The current thesis project explores the use of YouTube videos to help bring awareness of social-emotional development to Korean families and educators. Prior to the beginning of this project, an exploratory and impromptu set of YouTube videos were developed in response to questions to the author about social emotional development of preschool children in the United States. These self-initiated and unedited YouTube videos (N = 4) resulted in over 1,688 views in less than five months advertised only by word of mouth. As a result of the interest in this topic, the current thesis project outlines four more videos, now with depth of background research and targeted goals. Looking at the cultural literature as well as content and trajectory of social-emotional informed the current thesis. These YouTube videos were created to support early childhood educators, parents, grandparents, and caregivers who can understand English and/or Korean. Finally, limitations of the study and future research ideas are offered.