Graduate project

A study of rehabilitation facilities at residential schools for the deaf

The purpose of this study was to survey all residential schools for the deaf, to see if they have vocational rehabilitation facilities at the school, if they have summer vocational rehabilitation programs at the school, and the extent to which these programs are serving low functioning (second grade reading level or lower) deaf adults. A short questionnaire was sent to fifty-eight (58) residential schools for the deaf in the United States that serve high school age students. In responding to the first questionnaire, thirteen (13) schools indicated that they now have, or previously had vocational rehabilitation facilities on their campuses. A second, more detailed questionnaire was sent to these same thirteen (13) schools. Persons responding to the second questionnaire all agreed that low-functioning deaf adults need the services of a vocational rehabilitation facility focusing specifically on the needs of the deaf. Increased awareness on the part of educators and rehabilitation administrators of the continuing need for programs that are capable of meeting the service needs of low-functioning deaf youth and adults is essential.