Should the United States Stay in NATO

GMA 460L - Senior Seminar Research Lab

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as NATO, has been an extremely important tool in the United States’ foreign policy since the end of World War II. It is a common defense pact between 29 countries that assures that if one state is attacked, all will respond to defend it ("The North Atlantic Treaty", 1949). NATO provides unwavering military partnerships for the United States and defends its members from formidable foreign enemies. However, the current administration of the United States has expressed doubt in the continued relevance or need of NATO. The cited issues are the cost and purpose of NATO in a world without the Soviet Union. NATO has shifted to become a tool of foreign policy and conflict resolution for its members rather than a pact against a single enemy. It has launched several successful missions as such to date. NATO is still an essential tool in the United State’s foreign relations arsenal and should be preserved for the future.