Non-Profits, Parental Incarceration and Perceptions by Caregivers

This study will examine the consequential effects of parental incarceration in association to a child’s healthy development. Increasing rates of incarceration in the United States have prompted a need to further explore these effects, as children pose serious risks of psychological, economic and social problems. Past studies have not yet examined protective factors that unveil resiliency among these children with adequate support in the following core areas: (a) prison system support, (b) caregiver support and (c) academic support. This study will collect data that is necessary in building a clearly defined understanding of key issues that exist through the perspectives of children of incarcerated parents’ kinship caregivers. Qualitative interview schedules will be conducted in order to explore the experiences of 30 kinship caregivers of children of incarcerated parents who have experienced firsthand possible developmental risks.