Effects of performance evaluations on the job satisfaction, motivation, engagement and productivity of public sector employees

The question of whether or not performance evaluations are fair and consistent across public agencies is often openly expressed by public sector employees. Public sector performance evaluations are the primary method of rating employee progress over a 12-month period. The rating criteria of performance evaluations often comes into question with employees due to vague evaluation requirements. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect performance evaluations have on public sector employees' job satisfaction. For this study, job satisfaction encompasses employee motivation, engagement, and productivity. This study will focus on public sector employees of the Social Services Agency of Orange County, California. Using a survey, data will be collected to analyze public sector employees' job satisfaction as well as their levels of motivation, engagement, and productivity. The results of this study will highlight the need for reform of public sector performance evaluations and the streamlining of consistent rating criteria.

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