ACE-V examination method training manual

The Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Verification (ACE-V) examination method is the current methodology used in forensic identification by latent print examiners. Law enforcement agencies use ACE-V as their preferred examination method as a way to change the science of forensic identification into a more objective process, and as a way to increase the amount of proper identifications. A training manual, on how to utilize the ACE-V examination method, will allow both experienced and future latent print examiners to gain the knowledge, expertise, and training necessary to conduct objective examinations. The manual will serve as guide for any latent print examiner, will answer questions that may arise during a comparison, and will lead to a reduction in the rate of erroneous identifications. Utilizing this manual as a central reference point can effectively assist latent print examiners in their effort to objectively identify fingerprints.