Twitter in education: communicating with digital natives

The purpose of this study was to research the use of Twitter by gth grade science students with their teacher. In 2010 students ages 13-17 sent an average of 3,339 Short Message Service (SMS) text messages per month (Nielsen statistics, 2010). Twitter is an online social networking site that allows users to send and receive messages using 140 characters or less called Tweets. These messages can be received using SMS text messaging. The researcher posed the question, "To what degree does the use ofTwitter in an 8'h grade science class improve standardized assessment scores?" This correlation research paper analyzed data from two matched samples of gth grade science students, one utilizing Twitter for their class (n = 43), and one not utilizing Twitter (n = 43). Scores from two standardized tests given to both samples were used as the primary data. The findings during this research suggested a positive correlation between the use of Twitter and student performance on the standardized tests as well as the student's overall grades. Implications of this study for school leaders include the ability to create a learning community that utilizes the students preferred means of communication. Keywords: Educational technology, Twitter, communication, social networking.