The New Era of Climate Geopolitics

GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab

The intention of this work is to synthesize and interpret the tenets of geopolitics within the expectation that the coming decades will present unique and unprecedented challenges for states and populations due to the symptoms resultant from a changing environment. The operant assumption is that modern quality of life may come under threat due to these developments by way of multiple environmental vectors such as drought, rising sea levels, and extreme weather. In addition, while a difficult characterization to make with any certainty, the depletion of resource wealth and the attainability of new, disputed deposits is also posited to be a possible impetus for more aggressive, unilateral behavior by newly empowered states around the globe. Ultimately, the ethic of cooperation rather than competition under these circumstances is advocated for by way of the deduction of hypothetical outcomes of state-to-state and state-to-population behaviors.