Student Research

The Impact of Non-monetary Promotions in Hotels on Customers Purchase intention

The hospitality industry has been growing dramatically throughout the past decades, which made it become one of the most popular subjects nowadays. Among many diversified hospitality segments, hotels are offering different kinds of appealing promotions in order to attract travelers. As promotions, not only there are so many different natures, but also how it impacts consumers' reactions. In other words, how customers' purchase intention shift when they perceive promotion. In this research study, non-monetary promotion is set as the independent variable and two types of travelers are being examined on their purchase intentions towards different types of promotions, business travelers and leisure travelers. Quantitative research method was utilized as the primary research method, I researched the characteristics of business and leisure travelers, and then conducted a questionnaire based on their unique customer traits. The purpose of this research study is to contribute to the research of the differentiation between business and leisure travelers on purchase intention through non-monetary promotions.