What are the asset building barriers and facilitating factors to homeownership among Latinos?

ABSTRACT A QUALITATIVE STUDY EXAMINING THE ASSET BUILDING BARRIERS AND FACILITATING FACTORS TO HOMEOWNERSHIP AMONG LATINOS By Kimberly Martinez Building assets is important for everyone in United States, because it guarantees individuals and families economic security if they fall into time of financial crisis (such as a sudden unemployment, illness, etc…). Nonetheless, minorities in the United States are less likely to build asset wealth, such as owning a home. Homeownership is one of the biggest assets a family can have for income stability. This study was a quantitative and longitudinal research analyzing the barriers and facilitating factors of purchasing a home among two Latino individuals. Barriers included legal matters, mistrust of financial institutions, family/friend’s financial responsibilities, and unforeseeable emergencies. Some of the facilitating factors included family/friend support (informational, motivational, etc…) and individual attributes (saving techniques, language, etc….), among other factors.