Masters Thesis

The reintegration of at-risk students to their educational site of origin

High school students who have left their comprehensive high school site for a form of alternative education and successfully returned to their original site for a period time before graduating have beaten the odds. It is absolutely necessary to support and include students who are at-risk of not graduating high school, especially those who have been excluded from their comprehensive high school site for various academic and/or behavior challenges. This research study explored the factors in place at the alternative education site as well as the traditional site to which students returned in order to determine which factors are the most significant in helping these students graduate. Qualitative results indicated that relationships, both with peers and teachers, were the strongest contributor to a student connecting and engaging at school. These relationships drove students to build confidence and resiliency they would need to overcome challenges that previously stood in the way of their learning goals. Findings from this study suggest strategies and factors that contribute to successful reintegration to their educational sites of origin.