A study of the effects of divorce on Anglo juior high school students

The purpose of the study was to enhance my knowledge about Anglo middle class junior high age students coming from divorced homes. I undertook the research in order to see if some of the discipline problems and poor grades on the junior high level are the result of the fact that some students come from divorced homes. The design of the research was a·survey beginning with a review of the literature to determine whether there was any correlation between a child on the junior high level coming from a divorced home and discipline problems and poor grades at school. Later, a questionnaire was administered to 30 students on the junior high level who came from Anglo middle class divorced families. Then I checked their school records to determine if their parents' divorce was a causal factbr in the child's behavior problems. After all the data was collected, appropriate techniques were employed to analyze and interpret the data and formulate conclusions. The major problems found in the junior high Anglo students coming from divorced homes in the literature were: 1) The students were more withdrawn due to poor self-esteem. 2) The students were more mature than ones coming from an intact home. 3) The students were inclined to marry later. The major findings from students I interviewed and checking their school records were: 1) There was no grade change. 2) The students were shyer. 3) The students were more mature 4) There was some acting out during the divorce proceedings especially from the boys Children from divorced parents do not have any more problems than children from intact homes. Divorcing parents shouldn't manipulate their children as pawns. Parents should explain that their children are not the cause of their divorce. Children's routines especially at the beginning of this great change should be maintained as much as possible.