Narrative point of view : a study in technique ; and, Yosemite: an original story written from three points of view

The fiction writer's choice of a particular point of view must reflect the needs of the plot. Just as the poet has various forms to work in, so does the prose writer. For example, just as there are certain thoughts and feelings perhaps better suited for expression in free verse rather than the sonnet, so with prose--each of the different forms of point of view has particular functions it can serve. In the critical part of my thesis I have examined these functions and illustrated them through a discussion of narrative technique in three modern short stories. In the creative part of my thesis I have written a short story from three separate points of view. Set in Yosemite National Park, the story concerns itself with a man's obsessive love for a woman. Both are teachers in a private secondary school and have gone to Yosemite along with several other teachers and a group of students for a long weekend. The first story is told from the point of view of one of the students, a teenage girl. The second story, rendered through the narrative technique of central intelligence, revolves around the man's point of view. The final version is presented in full omniscience.