Masters Thesis

Student perceptions of teacher-student relationships

The purpose of this study was to investigate high school students’ perceptions regarding teacher-student relationships. High school students were given a survey with 15 statements regarding their perceptions on teacher-student relationships. They were also asked to provide their overall GPA, whether or not they had received at least one discipline referral during high school, and whether or not they participated in any extra and/or co-curricular activities while in high school. The data were analyzed using a chi square goodness of fit to determine if there were any significant differences among students regarding the survey responses. The majority of students hold positive perceptions regarding teacher-student relationships. However, the majority believe that teachers do not connect emotionally with students. A chi square for independence was used to determine if there were any significant differences in perceptions between groups when the factors of GPA, discipline referrals, and extra and/or co-curricular participation were considered. There were no significant differences between groups for all statements, except for one when GPA was considered. The results showed that a majority of the students with lower than the mean GPA are twice as likely to fear rejection and/or embarrassment when asking for assistance as compared to the students with at or above the mean GPA.