Student Research

Consumer Perception of Alternative Textiles

The paper reviews consumer perception of alternative textiles on the basis of recycled water bottle t-shirts. The objective of the research was to determine whether or not consumer perception of alternative textiles would change after learning more about a specific alternative textile apparel product (recycled water bottle t-shirts). In order to understand consumer perception, an online survey was written and conducted through Qualtrics. The survey was designed to test multiple constructs before and after a case study was presented to the respondents. A sample size of 154 was collected with 150 usable responses. The data collected from the survey was tested using two test, linear regression, and mean difference tests, depending on whether or not the hypotheses were comparing the relationship between two constructs or the change in answers before and after the case study. Two of the hypotheses (H3 and H4) were supported, one was partially supported (H1), and one was not supported (H2). Based on the results of this research, retailers could use this information to understand how to better market alternative textiles apparel to the target market.