Capstone project

Recommendation and design of air-cooled enclosure for the turbogenerator aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear

The purpose of this report is to determine the most suitable air-cooled enclosure for the ship service generators aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. Also, it is a necessity to validate our recommendation to the engineering department. The driving factor behind our design of the air-cooled enclosure will be the reduction in the power loss exhibited by the generator. The method of this reduction involves lowering the temperature of the winding. Because of the direct relationship between the internal resistance of the copper conductors and the operating temperature, the reduction of the internal resistance can be achieved as the operating temperature is brought down below the engine room temperature, the normal operating temperature of the generator. The power loss of the generator is then minimized. As a safeguard, an air-cooled enclosure also produces a cooler environment that would allow better heat dissipation caused by current passing through the conductors. This ability will protect the conductors from melting down or the deterioration of the conductor insulation in case of overloading of the generator winding. To sum up the purpose of our proposal is to say that we will reduce the operating cost of each training cruise while still providing the same amount of power and preventing the cost of having to replace the windings in the event of failure of the windings due to the overloading of the generator.