Government Budgeting and the Effects of Government Shutdown

One of the major responsibilities of Congress is to pass a budget to fund the federal government for the forthcoming fiscal year. The budget process begins many months before the actual start date of the new fiscal year, which is on October 1st. Over the years, the governmental budgeting has become more complex with additional policies and procedures but nonetheless a very important function of governance. Whenever, Congress is unable to pass an appropriation bill or the President does not sign a passed bill, the government shutdowns and many nonessential federal employees are furloughed along with other independent contractors that rely on government funding and resources to function. Governmental shutdowns affect the overall economy of the country and impacts many lives of the general population, as most of the executive departments of the federal government are closed, including many other agencies under other branches of government. The purpose of the survey is to understand the readiness of government employees to handle shutdowns and be prepared for furloughs and work without pay.