A workshop for infant teachers on RIE: resources for infant educarers

Based on the NAEYC Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs, young children benefit most from a collaboration of purposely executed, well-organized, and culturally appropriate curriculum that both challenges and assists them. But, "just as curriculum for children is more than just a list of skills to be mastered, professional preparation for Early Childhood teachers is more than just a list of competencies to be assessed or a course list to complete" (NAEYC, 2009, p.5). Thus, this thesis project evaluates a workshop designed to serve as a resource for newly hired infant and toddler teachers, providing important information about the history and basic principles of a philosophy of infant care dubbed RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers). It includes the meaning of an infant educarer, and how RIE fits into the California Early Learning and Development System. The workshop is designed as a one-hour presentation for in-service educarers accompanied with PowerPoints. Four professionals in the Early Childhood Education field assessed the overall organization, writing, and design of the workshop. The responses from the evaluation form suggest areas for revisions to improve the project for future Infant Educarers.