A survey of the music appreciation classes in California community colleges, 1978-79

For some decades music educators and aesthetics theorists have been trying to join forces toward what may be labeled a music aesthetic education. This joining is most often thought to be achieved in music appreciation courses. The above reference to a music aesthetic education does not imply that a detailed explanation of what constitutes an aesthetic education is within the scope of this study. However, because music appreciation and aesthetics are interwoven, the subject will briefly be covered later. It is, however, appropriate at this time to state that it is the writer’s view that a musical aesthetic experience is impossible to achieve without some discriminating listening skills. It is these listening skills that hopefully, community college music appreciation classes are trying to improve. The usefulness of the music appreciation survey, the following study’s vehicle, are several. The most obvious use is that the survey can act as a communication device among the community colleges’ music appreciation professors. The result and summary of the survey are summarized and were sent to each responding community college. Thus, each music appreciation professor will be able to realize if his course is in step with statewide trends. Another use of the survey is that it may act as a vehicle for critical thinking toward one’s own present or future class teachings. Concluding from some responses, both positive and negative, this critical thinking has already begun… (See more in text)

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