Some CAI programs in general mathematics

From the middle of the 1950’s to the present, educators have been continually searching for and developing supplemental methods of instruction. Through the cooperative efforts of corporations and educational institutions, a most effective and efficient method has been developed. The method is Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI). In CAI a computer is used to present instructional material to individual users. The instruction material can be structured as a drill and practice exercise, tutorial lesson, or simulation. These three structural styles all provide a means for individualizing instruction. CAI is a patient, tireless, and objective tutor for every individual user. The CAI system, developed by the author, is used to supplement an eighth grade mathematics class. The content areas covered are: 1) integers; 2) order of operations; 3) evaluating mathematical expressions; and 4) solving simple linear equations. Even though the system has some limitations and drawbacks, the preliminary results from the system’s use were extremely encouraging. The sixteen CAI programs are referred to as a system since no CMI method is incorporated. With further development and modification, this CAI system will be expanded to a full CAI package covering the entire content area for an eighth grade mathematics course.