Language Culture Integration

Both language and culture are inseparable parts and yet culture seems absent from most Spanish language courses. The purpose of this research project is to address the lack of culture integration within a Spanish language course. The following two questions guided this research project: (1) how can integrating more language culture contribute to students learning Spanish? (2) How can integrating more language culture in the curriculum give students a positive attitude to continue learning the Spanish language in the future? Although multiple reasons exist for this research project, one of them is for students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language culture and their own culture. This research project seeks to improve how Spanish language educators integrate culture in a Spanish language classroom and how culture can benefit students moving forward with Spanish language learning. The main focus for the author during this research project is in the classroom, course book, and teachers. The author created a handbook so that Spanish language educators can integrate without significantly altering their curriculum. Research in the past has focused on giving the reader an awareness for integrating culture and yet fail to give any tools. Through this process, the author learned that he, being a native speaker, was failing at integrating the culture into his classroom. By integrating the handbook with the current curriculum of the school, students had a positive attitude towards both language and culture and desired to continue learning the language because they wanted to, rather than just because it of was a requirement to graduate from high school. In conclusion, there is a need to integrate more culture within the confines of a Spanish language classroom. The research project can be integrated to most levels of Spanish, but there is still a need for more activities for the upper levels. This research project contributes to the field of education by creating a handbook that Spanish language educators can use to integrate in their curriculum.