A look inside one teacher's practice: effective language arts strategies for teaching elementary English language learners

The fastest growing population of kindergarten through twelfth grade students in the United States are students who speak a language other than English at home and whose proficiency in English is limited. Teachers need to be knowledgable about language acquisition and effective teaching strategies in order to meet emerging requirements to support the education of this growing population. This study documents one teacher's research on her own practice. Knowledge about language acquisition and various instructional strategies were used to see which teaching strategies resulted in most progress when teaching 4th grade English Language Learners to read and write in English. The findings of this study support previous language acquisition research, and previously researched strategies on teaching reading and writing. New ways of modifying g instructions and making accommodations to meet the needs of the English language learners were also discovered. Keywords: English Language Learner, language acquisition, language arts teaching strategies, second language instruction, action research