Downtown Stockton Community Diaper Bank

The purpose of this project was to establish a location that would collect and distribute disposable diapers to families with economic hardships. The Downtown Stockton Community Diaper Bank was created and is located in Stockton, California, in the San Joaquin Valley Area. A non-profit 501©3 status was established for the diaper bank as part of this project. The primary goal of the diaper bank was to assist families who are in need with an adequate supply of diapers for their children. -The secondary goal for opening a diaper bank in the downtown area of Stockton, California was to give families a convenient location to retrieve diapers. The Downtown Stockton Community Diaper Bank is close to public transportation and human services offices, where many local residents live and travel to for community supports. Evidence has shown that basic resources help families to cope with financial hardships. This project was able to offer a free, community resource to families which may, help alleviate additional stressors during difficult circumstances.