Daughters of aging mothers : a handbook for a mutual support group

This report describes a design for a mutual support group for mid-generation daughters of aging mothers. The group is intended to aid women who would like to improve their relationship and to interact constructively with their mothers. The handbook outlines a methodology for suggested use by coordinators who are responsible for programs used by churches, synagogues, homes for the aged, and other community centers. Paraprofessionals, counselors, leaders of women's groups, and other helping agents interested in serving the needs of this relatively unnoticed population, will find the handbook particularly beneficial. Chapter one addresses the universal interest in this subject and the personal reasons for doing this project. Issues which effect daughters of aging mothers are addressed. Some examples are guilt, conflicts between the demands of mother and children, and the daughter's awareness of her own aging process. Concerns of older women in America and how these concerns effect the lives of their daughters are also reported. The chapter ends with a discussion of the benefits of mutual support groups. (See more in text.)