Home range, homing and orientation in Hyla cadaverina Gorman

Adult Hyla cadaverina are found in the open in abundance along lower Trail Creek during spring and fall when temperatures are moderate. During winter, the animals seek shelter in crevices above the high water mark, thereby escaping flash floods. In summer, they inhabit cool, moist crevices near the stream which provide protection from the summer heat. As in many other anurans, individual H. cadaverina tend to occupy limited overlapping home ranges, usually less than 5 m long, aggregated near large pools created by stream boulders. A small percentage emigrate relatively long distances up to 250 m to new pools, usually also inhabited by several other H. cadaverina. Such movements may serve to maintain genetic variation in the population. When tested in the field for y-axis orientation, individual H. cadaverina clearly showed a preference for a familiar shoreline. (See more in text.)

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