Como superarse pronto: implementing a Latino college-going culture in middle school

College preparation is a long process that can be fostered through educational programs at all levels, but specifically during the last year of one's middle school years. It is very common for high school juniors and seniors to ponder their future plans after high school and to be uncertain about which path to take. Therefore it is extremely imp01iant for middle schools to offer college preparation and guidance aimed to help students make more informed and consequently better educational and college choices. Providing direction during the middle school years can help make the path more clear throughout the high school years and alleviate the uncertainty that often occurs in the final high school years. Within this project will be a review of literature that discusses the factors that influence college attendance and preparation throughout many students�middle school and high school careers. Recommendations will be made for counselors, teachers and school staff to help aid them in their role of assisting students struggling with uncertainty. The purpose of this project is to develop a curriculum that gives all students the very best college planning and academic preparation advice, and properly prepares them for the necessary high school path so they will have the option to attend college.