Does using the ExCEL model of teaching improve first grader's word recognintion as determined by running records?

This thesis shows how using the ExCEL model of teaching improved first grade student's word recognition as determined by running records. Excellence-A Commitment to Every Learner (ExCEL) is a program designed to meet assessed needs of all students, whether they require remediation or acceleration (AwardWinning District Puts Data to Work, 2001). The idea is that by dividing students up into homogeneous reading groups allow teachers to focus more attention on the particular needs of the students in that group. In addition to the student being homogeneously based the class also receives additional assistance through paraeducators during the ExCEL time. Two schools were selected to participate in this study, School A (Control Group) and School B (Experimental Group). Both schools were of similar socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The population in the study consisted of an equal number of English Language Learners and a balance ofboys and girls. There were 56 participants at each of the schools. The preliminary finding of this study showed that School B's (Experimental Group using ExCEL) running record growth increased by three levels while School A's (Control) running record growth increased by two running record levels. Although there is only one running record level difference between the two schools, the study was done for a short period of time. Keywords: ExCEL, guided reading, first grade, word recognition