Dynamic Temperature Sensor Using a Nexys 4-DDR FPGA board and Verilog

Measuring temperature is an important aspect of daily human activities. With the technological advances in smart devices, many tasks are now being automated to maximize performance. From smart phones to autonomous self-driving cars, the possibilities are endless when it comes to innovation. This dynamic temperature sensor aims to highlight the power of technology and how it can improve the quality of life. The ADT7420 is a temperature sensor chip that is integrated on the Nexys 4-DDR FPGA board. Utilizing the functionality of this sensor with Verilog code can assist us in building many applications such as observing the change in the surrounding area's temperature or implementing a control system to maintain a fixed temperature in a desired location such as a garden. The ADT7420 chip transmits the data signals through the I2C communication protocol. The temperature reading will then be converted to the respective Celsius and Fahrenheit values to be displayed on a simple user interface via a VGA monitor display. The implementation of this project intends to demonstrate the practicality of computing technology in automating ordinary everyday tasks such as detecting the temperature.