Graduate project

Development of telephone communication for the deaf-blind

�A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.� Introduction. The purpose of this project is to trace the development of telephone communication for the deaf-blind. Material available on such development can be found only in isolation as news releases, items of correspondence. Hence, there is a need for a project of this type. Most of the material covering this topic can be found in the library of the National Leadership Training Program in the Area of the Deaf directed by Jones, Ray L. at California State University, Northridge, formerly San Fernando Valley State College. Data in the form of news releases and newspaper clippings of quotations from magazine advertisements and books, of quotations from unpublished correspondence and reports have a lot of bearing on this project. Its being a new and unique field accounts for the very brevity of its history. It can be partly attributed to the fact of the deaf-blind population being in a vast minority.