The purpose of this project is to provide the CSUN staff and community members an opportunity to engage in an exercise program that is tailored to their own needs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic and two days per week of strength building physical activity a week, which can result in a 33% lower risk in mortality compared to those who are physically inactive (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2020). Recent data show 76% of the adult population does not achieve the minimum CDC recommendations. The CSUN Get Active program helps those who have no experience exercising to those who are experienced with the intention of meeting the CDC minimum guidelines The CSUN Get Active focuses on a full body workout and has three different levels which are: Level 1 (Let's Get Moving) focuses on Balance, Coordination, Proprioceptive Awareness, and Primal Movement Patterns, Level 2 (Active Lifestyle) focuses on Landing Mechanics, Uni- and Bi-lateral Movement, and Compound Movement , and Level 3 (Performance) focuses on Plyometrics, Aerobic Endurance, and Muscular Endurance. These three levels are available online ( and there are useful videos and pictures to watch to help them get started and properly execute the movements. The videos and pictures were made to help the participant gain familiarity with the names of the videos exercises, proper warm-up and cool down, and proper start and ending phase for each exercise. Without the photos and videos, the cost of providing instruction to participants would be prohibitive and providing them for easy on-line access removes yet another barrier to attaining greater health through physical activity.