Graduate Project

University Studies Course For Transfer Students

The purpose of this Applied Public Administration Project is to create a University Studies program plan that California State University, San Bernardino, can implement to assist Transfer students with academic and personal development during their transition from junior college to California State University, San Bernardino. The transfer seminar created acknowledges the unique set of challenges that may arise when navigating the CSU, San Bernardino system, while also exploring the distinct situations that transfer students face because of their non-traditional college trajectory. The CSU, San Bernardino’s University Studies First Year course for first time freshman was utilized as a model for the program plan. The project consists of specific learning outcomes and curriculum geared towards the transfer student population. The content is informed by the findings of institutional data and a CSU San Bernardino campus needs assessment. An agenda for a learning institute to train instructors on how best to teach and advise transfer students is also included. The last component of the project is an assessment tool that measures the program’s learning outcomes.