Masters Thesis

Expanding your horizons : a study of girls participation in math and science

The purpose of my project is to provide both a report of the 2005 Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conference and a longitudinal evaluation of the effects that past EYH Conferences have had for middle school girls in Northern California. The goal of each conference is to get girls to take more math and science in high school so they have more options later on in life. The 2005 report will examine both the demographics of the participants and their evaluations of the conference. The longitudinal portion will assist the local AAUW branch in determining how to best allocate their resources by examining whether or not past EYH attendees did take more math and science in high school compared to girls who never attended a conference. This information will aid in the future planning of conferences to ensure that AAUW’s goal of encouraging girls to explore and pursue careers in math and science.